Bubblucious — The Luscious Bubbly Drinks are now in Moratuwa

The luscious bubbly drinks are now in Moratuwa! Bubblucious has opened up their newest outlet in K Zone shopping mall, Moratuwa. We are glad that Ja-Ela’s favourite bubble tea spot has now arrived at Moratuwa, close to our university.

Vijini and I have been going to drink bubble tea (and coffees) at Bubblucious since the day we got to know that they have opened an outlet in K Zone, Moratuwa. We have tried out a variety of bubbly drinks from their menu and they are simply delicious. If we get a free time, this is the place where we would go to chill out.

Photo 4-24-18, 5 18 35 PM

Bubble Teas and Coffees

You may think they have got only chilled drinks. That’s where you went wrong. Bubblucious has hot drinks as well.

Here are some of our favourites.

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Bubble Desserts

Recently Bubblucious has expanded their menu to bubbly desserts as well. The all-new Wabble is the perfect blend of a waffle and bubbles, which has turned out as bubbly waffles.

Final Thoughts

Comparing the price tags of these bubbly drinks, I feel that their portions are pretty big. According to my point of view, it is worth the price as you get to experience a whole bunch of flavours.

Have you tried out Bubblucious? If not, we hope you will try it out soon and get an all-new bubblucious experience.

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