Almonds Exclusive — An Exclusive Dining Experience in Colombo

On a Tuesday evening, after a long day of shopping, I was walking along the Galle Road, in Colpety (Colombo 03) with Anuradha. This was when we came across this exclusive restaurant. Almonds Exclusive has been on our bucket list of must go restaurants since its opening in 2017.

If you did not know about Almonds Exclusive, you would not have seen it while travelling on the Galle Road as it does not have a sign visible to the road. The only way you can figure out it is a restaurant is its transparent glass walls, through which you can see chefs at work and neatly arranged tables and chairs with shining cutlery and crockery.

Pendant Lighting

As soon as we entered, what caught my eyes was the pendant lighting. Light bulbs suspended from a frame fixed to the ceiling at different levels, give the place a warm and welcoming ambience. They are turned on at 6pm.

Before lighting
After lighting

Seating Arrangement

Almonds Exclusive offers their customers various seating options, including floating tables and swinging chairs, to give them a more comfortable and exclusive dining experience. You can go for an executive lunch or just stop by to grab some snacks with your friends.



The Nikola Tesla Deck provides you with a comfy dining experience, where you can chill out with your friends.

The Menu

The menu contains dishes from a variety of cuisines including Italian, Indian, Chinese and Arabic. We tried out cakes from their desserts menu with some chilled water, which was very soothing after having travelled in the hot weather.

Strawberry Cheese Cake – Rs. 590
Mother of Chocolate Cake – Rs. 690

Final Thoughts

According to my point of view, some of the dishes were a bit too above the price. I would not recommend this place as a daily stop by unless you got loads of money to spend. However, if you feel like you should treat yourself once in a while, this place is worth checking out.

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