Walk Through the Past of Australia

Two weeks ago Vijini and I decided to go out on a Saturday to have a look at the National Museum of Australia which is located in the heart of Canberra amidst Molonglo River in the Acton Peninsula. The entrance of the museum is nicely decorated with fascinating building architecture with spacious and high rising decorations.

The museum covers a lot in the Australian timeline of the evident history. We identified the artifacts in display in several categories to present to our readers.

Pre-historic Artifacts

In the display we found fascinating skeleton of the Muttaburrasaurus which is a prehistoric animal from the past of 105.3 – 93.5 million years ago. Also there were skeletons of Giant Marsupials who had gone extinct over the evolutionary changes. Marsupials are the kind of creatures who carry their offsprings in the bag like arrangement in the belly.

Biological Artifacts

The museum also demonstrated several biological artifacts displaying the bio-diversity in Australia. There were preserved samples of Platypus, Bats, Porcupines and various birds and mammals.

Industrial and Engineering History

The industrial and engineering history of Australia was well demonstrated. The origin brand ‘Holden’ which is a vehicle brand in Australia (Which is quite popular even to date) was displayed with its very first models of sedans.

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Industrial instruments related to metal works, agri culture were demonstrated in a lively manner which enabled audience to press a button and see. Once the button was pressed the artifact would operate as if it would have operated back in the day it belonged. Also, there were displays of agricultural utensils and crops. An interesting item was the Bull Catcher’ which is a vehicle used to catch bulls from the fields.

Bull Catcher
Bull Catcher

Historically Significant Characters

The museum consisted of monuments to remember historically important people. A researcher of artificial eye balls and Mt Everest hiker were remarkable displays.

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In conclusion it was a very informative and entertaining experience at the National Museum of Australia. Also, we would like to express our kind opinion that one must have a look at this wonderful place if they visit Canberra.

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