Experience the Chocolate Culture in Canberra – Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

Vijini and I were looking for a place to chill in a Saturday evening after a busy week. Without a particular place in mind, we headed ourselves to Westfield Belconnen. After some ordinary shopping, the idea of chilling was urging among both of us. Other than the crowded food court, there were only a few places for anybody to have a coffee and relax. Max Brenner Chocolate Bar was one among the few decent restaurants.


The place was well organized, clean and had shelves full of chocolate-based confectionaries.

Their signature servings were mainly coffees and chocolate drinks. So we decided to experiment on a few new servings they had in their menu displayed on colourful LCD panels.

First, we ordered two hot chocolate drinks; a flat white serving of American Marshmallow and an Italian Thick dark chocolate. The flat white serving had two molten marshmallows floating on top which was delicious and felt like a creamy surprise in the mouth. The Italian thick was a pure chocolate treat that felt like thick molten chocolate. However, my award goes to the Italian thick.

We noted many customers in the restaurant had two chocolate bowls on top of burners, from which they dipped out some fruits. So we wanted to try that. After going through the menu we reckoned that it was called Fondue. It was served with dark and milk chocolate alongside two bowls of fruits and sweets. Fruits included strawberries and bananas whereas sweets included marshmallows and cubes of cake.

It was full of tummy-filling goodness and mood raising sweetness. If you have a sweet tooth, be sure to check out the fondue as I’m sure you will love it. 😀

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