Harpo’s Pizza and Pasta — Wood-Fired Pizza now at Mt. Lavinia

Yesterday was my birthday and Anuradha gave me the best birthday surprise I have ever had in my life.  He took me to the Mt. Lavinia outlet of Harpo’s Pizza and Pasta, which was opened in 2016, located facing the Galle Road. He knows my love for the taste in pizza and pasta. 😍

Pizza and Pasta

So we ordered tandoori chicken pizza and shrimp pasta. The interesting thing about Harpo’s pizza is that they are cooked in wood-fired ovens. You can see the uneven browning around the crust of the pizza and you can also taste the charred woody flavour when you bite into it.

For drinks, we decided to order from their iced tea menu; iced tea; peach and strawberry flavours. I simply loved the blend of flavours with the tea.


Birthday Surprise

I did not expect this surprise and it touched my heart. After finishing up, suddenly the happy birthday song started playing and a member of the staff, with a huge smile all over his face, came and presented us with the most mouth-watering sweetest ever pizza I had ever seen. OMG! It was a Smores dessert pizza. I had always wanted to try out the combination of smores and pizza and here I am, enjoying my dream dessert.

It had a buttery biscuit base at the bottom with marshmallows and chocolate on top. There was a cute birthday message around the plate, written in chocolate sauce as well. It was steaming hot and I fell in love with it since the first bite, which was so warm and comforting as the ooey-gooey marshmallows melted in my mouth. If you visit Harpo’s, you must try out this dessert pizza.

Smores Dessert Pizza

Previous Visit to Harpo’s

We had visited Harpo’s Pizza and Pasta Mt. Lavinia outlet a few months back and we ordered a pizza with 2 different flavours; Spicy Sri Lankan and BBQ. If you love Sri Lankan spices and hot dishes, I highly recommend the Spicy Sri Lankan pizza.


Final Thoughts

You can visit Harpo’s Pizza and Pasta online at https://harpospizzas.com

My go-to place to satisfy sudden cravings for pizza and pasta is Harpo’s. Hope you will also try out Harpo’s Pizza and Pasta to satisfy your pizza and pasta cravings.

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