Tea Avenue on Marine Drive — Tea Avenue’s Latest Outlet

It was a sunny day in December 2017, the last day of the last exam we faced as undergraduates in university. So we decided to celebrate the end of our exams by hanging out with friends and treat ourselves. Popular for its tea, coffee, and mouth-watering milkshakes, we decided to go to the newest outlet of Tea Avenue, situated on Sellamuttu Avenue (Colombo 03) in the Marine Drive.

We went a few friends and as we entered, what caught our eyes was the gorgeous menu. The staff was very friendly and asked us to sit anywhere we want. Seating options included indoor dining with floating table arrangements and cosy cushion sofas as well as outdoor dining. After going through the menu, we decided to have pasta, burgers, milkshakes, and coffee.


I would recommend the Creamy Cheese Pasta and that will be my go-to food the next time I visit this place. It was so warm and creamy. The creaminess of the sauce truly lifted the pasta to a whole new level.


Tea Avenue’s signature Ferrero Lavish was advertised near the cashier and we decided to try it out. OMG! I could not believe what my tastebuds felt as I sipped it. I had nothing to complain about it because of my blind love for chocolates. The voluminous whipped cream looked absolutely majestic with a Ferrero Rocher on the top as a cherry. The drink was so thick with chocolate sauce dripping down the jar. Although its price tag was marked at a whopping LKR. 950, I would definitely recommend you to try it at least once in your lifetime.

Ferrero Lavish

It was a very warming and rich experience at Tea Avenue. If you haven’t visited, we hope you will visit the latest outlet of Tea Avenue on the Marine Drive, Colpety.

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